In 2016, Tesla Minds was born as an Idea to give Wings to youthful nerds, who also happen to be RF Design Engineers. The Wings which   bridge scholastic to ever challenging Industry Needs. And with a farsighted Vision to make Technology simpler and exciting to curious   engineers, at Tesla Minds, it is always the journey that is the reward. (Words of Steve Jobs).


 With an experience of Giving Wings to 5000+ budding and experienced engineers, Tesla Minds wishes to transform classroom teaching into a   zone where learning is fun and instinctive as well. A kaleidoscope, where each insight gained would be eventful.


 So when few, Insanely passionate Engineers are daring to transform conceptual learning into an experience, also add Wings to the equally  disruptive ideas, Innovation will just be a by-product..!!  


- Jayanandan Thulasiraman, 


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